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Added: 28 October 2013

Our new Family Forum got together recently for some creative brainstorming about how the Telegraph Museum can engage families through new events and activities. Here's what happened.…

We want our museum to be interactive and community friendly. By listening and responding to the needs and ideas of our local communities we hope to encourage new ways of working together towards a sustainable future.

The Family Forum is one of the ways we're working towards this goal. The forum is an active group that pools ideas, gives feedback, and works together to drive new initiatives for families through workshops, events, and family-friendly gatherings both at the museum and out in the community.

So what could this mean for your family?

We understand the juggling act that is family life. The Family Forum is a flexible way to become more involved with the museum in a way that suits you and your family. Your level of involvement is up to you.

For you, this could mean giving us feedback remotely through our Facebook group or by email. Or perhaps, if you have a little more time to spare, you can join us for one of our family-friendly gatherings and get involved with a creative ideas session. You might want to become even more involved in actively organising and delivering future family-friendly events, pop-up exhibitions, projects or activities at the museum.

What we offer in exchange

In return, we are offering opportunities for play, exploration, debate and networking with other families. We want the forum to be something you enjoy together as a family.

Activities could be trialling trails, arts and crafts, dressing up, games, brainstorming, eating! Sessions could include discussions, walking and wildlife, sensory play, research, exploring community and international links, making movies! Themes could be science, history, sport, communication, design and technology, outdoor spaces, menus, shopping!

We see children as valuable forum members. When focused and constructive thinking might be needed in sessions, we'll aim to provide activities (and helpers where possible!) to keep even our youngest members happy and active.

We want the forum to contribute to the museum's development now and into the future... and, because we want to show our appreciation for your commitment and your time, there will be special offers, invites and perks for active forum members, including celebrations around our re-opening in summer 2014.

How to get involved

Contact Diane Spiers, our Community Participation Officer, today. Diane will talk you through the latest forum activities and tell you about any upcoming family forum events.

Once you've decided you want your family to be part of the forum, we'll keep you up-to-date with all the latest events through our special family forum newsletter.

Diane Spiers, Community Participation Officer
Tel: 01736 811913 (Diane works on Monday's Tuesday afternoons and Thursdays).

Join our Family Forum Facebook Group > (Please note that this is a space where people discuss their families. Because of this, we've made it a closed group, and Diane will have to approve your request to join.)

Huge thanks to Richard Atkinson who made this short film for us: