Special Relaxed Opening for Autism at Bodmin Keep!

Special Relaxed Opening for Autism at Bodmin Keep!
Cornwalls Regimental Museum

When: 17 March 2019
Where: Cornwall's Regimental Museum
Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: £6 for Adults, £2 for Under 16 and free for carers/under 5s
Suitable for: Any age

Music and the Military - Autism Friendly Relaxed Opening

Ignite the Senses at a Special Relaxed Opening for Autism at Bodmin Keep!

Make a set of pan-pipes, enjoy a special sensory space and get a chance to hold some historic objects at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum.

Date: March 17th 10 am – 12 pm

This specially adapted relaxed opening at Bodmin Keep has been created for people with Autism in mind. It’s a special event where the museum opens in a relaxed way, so visitors can enjoy the museum at its quietest and at their own pace.

The event runs at a relaxed pace, and visitors can get involved in activities if they wish to do so, or they can simply take in the collections and enjoy the spaces in their own way.

Super Friendly and specialised team

On hand is a very special team of volunteers who are experienced and super friendly, they will be on hand to help visitors in any way they can; supporting them with the craft activity, giving talks and offering a special chance to handle some amazing historic objects!

Music in the Military Craft Activity

Visitors can join in the 'Music in the Military' theme and make a set of pan-pipes out of straws!

Explore the senses

A sensory space will also be available if visitors need to take time out from the museum environment, this space and been especially created for the event to provide a chilled out, break-away area for any visitors who need a change of scenery.

The sensory space has cushions and bean bags, rugs and blankets, low lighting and some sensory equipment for visitors to enjoy.


Be prepared!

The museum has prepared a Pre-Visit Guide if you need to prepare for your visit along with some extra information for parents and carers.


If you would like to discuss your particular needs further in regard to your visit, please contact the museum on 01208 72810 or email info@cornwalls-regimentalmuseum.org

For more info, the downloadable pre-visit guides booking links go to


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