Kurt Jackson's 'The Broccoli Juggler'

Kurt Jackson's 'The Broccoli Juggler'
Penlee House Gallery and Museum

By: Penlee House Gallery & Museum
Added: 13 April 2015

New Kurt Jackson Sculpture in Penlee Park

 Visitors to Penlee Park in Penzance will be able to see a new sculpture, ‘The Broccoli Juggler’, donated to Penlee House Gallery & Museum by contemporary artist Kurt Jackson. The life-sized bronze figure of a farmer, standing on a cast iron cart, has been funded by Cornwall Council, through its FEAST programme, and by Arts Council England.

‘The Broccoli Juggler’, which will be a permanent fixture in the Park, refers to the difficulties faced by farmers working in West Cornwall.

Kurt Jackson says, "I live and work within an agricultural community here in the far west of Cornwall, many of my friends and neighbours are farmers. The landscape has been shaped by their activities and by their ancestors before them. In the last few decades their livelihoods have become more tenuous, less certain with market prices falling; labour, transport and production costs rising, and the disruption from extreme weather events more frequent. ‘The Broccoli Juggler’ juggles precariously, throwing up cauliflowers (broccoli in the local dialect), a small tractor and a home whilst perched, balanced on the remains of a cast iron ancient carcass of the ancestors’ farm machinery.”

 ‘The Broccoli Juggler’ is located on the terrace outside The Orangery Café at Penlee House Gallery & Museum, in the grounds of Penlee Park.

A selection of Kurt Jackson’s work is also on show in Penlee’s current exhibition, ‘Sons and Daughters of the Soil’, which opened on 28 March and runs until 13 June.

To find out more, please drop in to Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Morrab Road, Penzance TR18 4HE. The Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. For more information please call the gallery on 01736 363625 or visit www.penleehouse.org.uk