History and Where We Live   Challenging Stereotypes

History and Where We Live Challenging Stereotypes
Wheal Martyn

When: 17 January 2019 to 27 February 2019
Where: Wheal Martyn
Time: 12.45 - 15.30
Cost: Free
Suitable for: 18+

History and Where We Live: Challenging Stereotypes

There is more to Cornish history than pasties and Poldark!  Join us to find out what lies behind the romantic images of Cornwall and learn about the history they didn't teach you at school.

Join the group and learn more about Wheal Martyn and the clay industry that shaped the mid-Cornwall area.

When and where? Wednesday 27th February, 10.00am to 3.30pm, at Wheal Martyn

Who is this for? For people thinking about getting into Higher Education or changing direction with a new qualification.

This event is FREE.

To rigister for one of the limited places, contact Mike on mtresidder@cn4c.org.uk or call 01209 310616

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