Bodmin Town Museum

Bodmin Town Museum

Local History Museum. New displays include some interesting bottles from our collection, events from 1919 including some information about the former Guildhall.

Some of our displays have more information - the police display, the prison display and the railway display. We still have the display about the JSSL the Joint Services School for Languages which was in Bodmin fro 1951 - 1956 as this has interested many people who did not know this was in Bodmin during that time. There is also a leaflet about the school. For those interested in our Cornish Kitchen - the pasties are still not quite ready but the cook says they will ready 'drekly'.

  • The Belling Lantern Clock

    Cornwall in the 18th and 19th centuries possessed many clockmakers. Indeed, the 1831 Census records 83 watch and clockmakers at work in the county. Amongst these, one of the most well known, was Belling of Bodmin. The Bellings worked between 1706 and 1850.

  • The Blacksmith

    In 1831 there were sixteen blacksmiths, four wheelwrights and a farrier in the borough. The skills of the blacksmith often included those of the wheelwright and the farrier. In the blacksmith's shop a fire was kept burning in the hearth by the skillful use of bellows. With the coming of the car, the blacksmith turned his hand to engines instead of horses eventually becoming the garage mechanic.

  • World War I Commemorative Exhibition

    Major Heritage Lottery funded WWI exhibition featuring Private James Henry Finn VC, his medals and story. Also other stories about local families involved in WWI. A periscope feature shows visitors what a soldier would have seen and heard in the trenches.

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MUSEUM OPEN until Saturday 2nd November
The Museum will then close for the Winter period and will open again on the Monday before Easter.

October and 1st and 2nd November 10.30am to 2.30pm

Wheelchair access possible but not easy so please email or phone before your visit to check if there is help available if you need it.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

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The Museum is situated on Mount Folly on the lower ground floor of The Merlin cinema - now open - in the centre of the town.

There are two public paying car parks nearby: one behind the cinema and another 50 metres away in Priory Park.

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There are cafes, pubs and parking nearby. Take the steps from Mount Folly to reach the main shopping street, Fore Street, and the pretty pedestrianized Honey Street.

Wheelchair access possible but not easy so please phone to check before your visit

New low speed road layouts for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Bodmin Town Museum is run entirely by volunteers.

Admission is free, but donations to Museum funds are always welcome.

Mount Folly
Bodmin, PL31 2HQ
PL31 2DQ

T: 01208 77067

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Bodmin Town Museum

Mount Folly

Bodmin, PL31 2HQ, CORNWALL PL31 2DQ