Underground Mine Virtual Reality Tours

Underground Mine Virtual Reality Tours

Geevor Tin Mine


17 May 2021 onwards

The stunning Cornish coastline around Pendeen was once at the heart of the Cornish tin and copper mining industry. Geevor Tin Mine gives visitors the opportunity to visit a real mine and learn what life was like for a Cornish miner. Visitors can explore the mine buildings and see a former working mine left exactly as it looked on the day the mine closed its doors for the last time.

Visitors to Geevor Tin Mine have the chance to go underground into the 18th Century Wheal Mexico mine - but for visitors with mobility issues and accessibility requirements, this is often not possible for them to experience.

Heritage Ability, part of the disability charity Living Options Devon, worked closely with Geevor and the team at Soundview Media – who have made the VR tours possible – to create an experience which is “as close to an actual tour as possible without it being the real thing”. It allows those visitors who are unable to access the underground tunnels to enjoy the experience through a virtual reality tour.

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