St Agnes: Coastal Timetripping

St Agnes: Coastal Timetripping

St Agnes Museum

St Agnes

21 June 2021 onwards

Bringing the once-bustling harbour back to life is the new Coastal Timetripping Virtual Reality experience at St Agnes Museum. Here, visitors can timetrip back to the mining heyday of St Agnes, exploring how the harbour once looked and felt for its inhabitants at the peak of its glory days. 

If you visit St Agnes beach today you will see a pile of rocks, where once was a thriving harbour at the centre of merchants, trade, goods, ships, buyers, sailors, pedestrians and more. Through the Coastal Timetripping experience at St. Agnes Museum, adventurers step back into the harbour of times past.  VR technology brings not just the harbour itself to life, but also the ships coming in, the goods that were traded, and the life and bustle of the port in the heyday mining days, now marked with the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site status. 

The museum itself is located in an old mortuary chapel, surrounded by tombstones of mariners, miners and bal maidens of previous generations in its graveyard setting. The museum is home to Cornish folklore, life in the Victorian area, mining, archaeology, surfing and so much more, creating an ultimate timetripping experience not to be missed. 

Timetrippers physically sit on one of the old pieces of the harbour as they enter the experience and in keeping with 2021 Covid-19 regulations, Cleanboxes, which use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19), will be used on the VR headset between visitors so there is no fear of the infection of modern time impinging the timetripping fun. 

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