Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture

Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange


14 June 2021 - 27 July 2021

Step inside the virtual Palace of Culture and explore the set created by artists Tony Crosby and Laura Drayson with 10 artworks selected by children at Newlyn School from the Arts Council Collection. 

Inspired by these artworks and the artists who made them are eleven online, artist-led workshops to stimulate both body and mind, from offset drawing with Naomi Frears or dance with Rosie Taylor Higson to foodstuff automata with Georgia Gendall, suitable for all ages and abilities and all free. This is the first time the gallery has created an exhibition solely to be viewed online, developed in direct response to the continued Covid restrictions experienced by an important audience member - schools.

The gallery is working in collaboration with Arts Council Collection and V21 Productions, bringing together 360 tour and CGI technologies, which is only just beginning to be developed. The project is supported by Cornwall Council as part of its New Voices programme of exhibitions. 

The Place of Culture was originally planned to be a physical exhibition in the gallery but it has adapted and evolved in response to the current situation.

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