Now and Then

Now and Then

Falmouth Art Gallery


11 June 2021 - 11 September 2021

Falmouth art Gallery is introducung a new mobile app, ‘Now and Then’, which triggers via GPS or Bluetooth when near places of interest. The app provides guided tours which are uniquely tailored to each user depending on what they choose to interact with and can be experienced either remotely or in person. Gallery staff have created a guided tour of the forthcoming ‘Ingenious?’ exhibition, 11 June – 11 September, that celebrates invention and innovation in Falmouth past and present.

The gallery's Citizen Curators are currently developing a sensory art walk through Falmouth that will enable users to step into artworks from the Falmouth Art Gallery Collection. If trials go well, Falmouth Art Gallery hopes to develop more art themed walks through the town and guided tours of each new exhibition.

‘Now and Then’ is designed to be enjoyed by all users and is fully accessible to people who are blind, visually impaired or have reading difficulties as well as those who are mobility impaired. It will enable these visitors to engage with the gallery's mainly ‘visual’ exhibitions and tours completely independently for the first time.

Gallery staff and the Citizen Curators have been trained  to write and deliver audio description scripts and these will be a compulsory requirement on the app for each point of interest on the tour either through alt text or audio.

As a result of this training the Gallery team now want to work towards creating audio descriptions for their online catalogue with the aim of making their collections and exhibitions fully accessible to all. All tours will be free via the ‘Now and Then’ app. Visitors will require a smartphone with Bluetooth switched on.

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