Looe Island: Coastal Timetripping

Looe Island: Coastal Timetripping

The Old Guildhall and Gaol


17 May 2021 onwards

Looe Island, accessible by foot on only one day during the year, was once home to a Benedictine chapel built in 1139. The chapel was visited by pilgrims, partly due to the legend that Joseph of Arimathea brought the young Jesus Christ to Looe Island - though now all that remains are a few stones. The new Coastal Timetripping experience allows adventurers the opportunity to follow behind the footsteps of the imagined journey of a monk and a pilgrim.

A 3D topographical map of Looe island, by way of iPads provided by the museum, enables augmented reality, that allows you to select characters you want to talk to, immersing yourself in the life and journey that these intrepid men took on the island itself at the time. 

There is also an immersive ‘Times and Tide’ cabinet that explores an important but hidden part of Looe’s history- smuggling. Some considered smugglers to be heroes, fighting unfair taxation laws to support their families. Others saw them as common thieves, who often resorted to violence to keep their secrets. This exhibit immerses visitors in the arguments of these deeply opposed sides.

In line with essential 2021 requirements, all iPads and interactive parts will be fully sanitised between use, ensuring no contamination.

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