Captaining the Ceres: Coastal Timetripping

Captaining the Ceres: Coastal Timetripping

Bude Castle and Heritage Centre


24 May 2021 onwards

This is an experience that immediately transports you back to the time of Bude’s ‘glory days’ with a buzzing canal. Surrounded by the rugged coastline, you can be the captain of an old merchant ship with the name of ‘Ceres’, an impressive Ketch ship that sank at the age of 150 years old in 1936.

Nowhere in the world can you find an experience quite like this. And nowhere in the world can you quite literally take the wheel of a 1900s Ketch with a real ships helm. The Coastal Timetripping Virtual Reality experience will introduce you to the wild sea surrounding Bude, hard to navigate due to the rocks and breakwater and treacherous for ships to dock there.

It is the only way people of today will be able to gain understanding of this central part of Bude’s history and you may recognise significant landmarks like Barrel Rock, which was used to safely navigate the breakwater.

To make this adventure, you simply need to head to the Castle Heritage Centre in Bude. This is an interactive experience via VR headset and there is space for two people at a time, one of which is designed to be wheel-chair friendly.

In keeping with Covid-19 regulations Cleanboxes, which use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses including Covid-19, will be used on the VR headset between coastal timetrippers.

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