Pondhu School Take Over Wheal Martyn
Wheal Martyn

By: Gemma Martin
Added: 13 November 2014

 If you come down to our museum on Friday 21st November, you’re in for a big surprise. You’ll find children from Pondhu Primary School Year 6 class doing the jobs and taking on roles that adults usually do.

 The Year 6 class of Pondhu Primary School will be curating a new exhibit for the museum.  The children will be tasked with researching the history of the clay industry and producing original artwork to tell the story of the local people, as well as designing and opening a hands-on exhibit for any visitor to the museum to enjoy.  On the day the children will be curators, PR and marketing managers, reporters and performers.  Far from a normal day for the average eleven year old!

 21st November is Takeover Day, a day on which museums up and down England are being taken over by children and teenagers. Independent charity Kids in Museums is teaming up with the Children’s Commissioner for England and Arts Council England to help place children and teenagers at the heart of museums.

 Gemma Martin, Education Officer at Wheal Martyn, said “we’re really looking forward to seeing what the children create for Wheal Martyn.  Their ideas are bound to be a lot more fresh and exciting than ours, I’m sure they’ll curate a really fun exhibit for our visitors”.

So roll up, roll up on Friday 21st November and discover how we’re putting children at the heart of what we do.