Padstow War Casualties 1914  1918

Padstow War Casualties 1914 1918
Padstow Museum

By: GB (ammended)
Added: 25 January 2016

A record of the servicemen to died in the WWI and who are commerated on the Padstow's War Memorial has now been added to thw Museums website,

As well as this material, some additional information has come to light regarding two other casualties of WWI, who until recently are commerated only at Padstow cemetery.

These were casualties of the sinking of an armed merchant ship the "Anna Sophie" off Trevose Head in 1918,: Their names, Private William Moor(e)  (whose has a gravestone in the cemetrey, and Lance/Corporal William Whitmore  (who who's gravestone bears the inscription (A Royal Marine of the Great War), both were gunners and shipmates on the "Anna Sophie".

The graves of victims of the conflict will in the near future be acknowledged by a CWGA plaque at the entance to the cemetrey.

This is a compelling story of a local event in which the people of the town contributed, it is well worth a visit to our website to read the full story, on our WWI pages.

These casualties have been researched by historian Peter Smith and John Buckingham of Padstow Museum.

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Since the posting f this original article the graves have been rededicated with appropriate headstones. This was enabled by the CWGA commission.